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How It Started

It all started with watching my mother make glycerine soaps, with so much care and passion, it seemed that every soap she made, had an essence of its own”, says Rishabh, founder of Soap Opera which operates with two brands Soap Opera and PureSense.

When he was studying in the US, he came across natural, organic, free from harmful chemicals products. Every other student where he was studying spoke about the “natural” philosophy. It was there that his thinking and philosophy too converted into one which is more in line with “natural.”

When he returned back to India, he realised that only a handful of brands here were committed to using all natural ingredients.


The Journey Began

What had started as a hobby, soon took the shape of a business. A brand was born and named Soap Opera. As demand increased, this humble glycerine hand-made soap, started exploring new identities. Various fragrance and exotic ingredients - all targeted at giving the end user, the international experience of ingredients and fragrances but at the same time ensuring care for the skin and a feeling of purity. Soap Opera soaps are free of toxins, gently made using glycerine, olive oil/butter as its base and are manufactured using the ‘Triple Milled Cold Pressed Technique’, to retain natural moisture of the soaps

Today consumers are very well informed and are leaning towards making eco-friendly choices with regards to their diet, clothes, skincare etc. They want to experience products that are safe, made with high quality ingredients without compromising on the luxurious experience.

A gap was identified in the market and the initial idea of Puresense was born.

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Journey Takes A Leap With New Launch

Stemming from his passion of consumers need for relaxation, Puresense products are carefully formulated using soothing organic extracts and safe ingredients. We handpick all our ingredients from different parts of the world to live by our philosophy. Each product is free of sulphate, paraben, formaldehyde, mineral oil and is non-carcinogenic. The fragrances crafted by experts help you soothe your mind and body

PureSense offers daily personal moments of relaxation through bath and body product formats which are safe, pure, and genuine ∧ a multi-sensorial delight to your senses. We believe that harmful chemicals cannot genuinely relax you, so we offer you authentic products with extracts from nature that are good for your body ∧ aromas that will declutter your mind.

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We use Fresh Cells technology in our products, a breakthrough innovation that keeps the antioxidant extracts of superfruits intact in live fruit cells. These antioxidants are only released on contact with skin or hair to give maximum protection from the harmful effects of pollutants.

At PureSense, we thrive for product innovations. Our products are a unique combination of daily use categories &and innovative product formats. We believe that we have crafted this range close to perfection after two long years of in-depth study. Through the journey, we have worked with stalwarts like the design genius Elsie Nanji. Finally, we manufacture all our products in house to ensure the highest quality of raw materials and quality control is followed.

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